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Mountains of Puerto Natales

Some time ago we published this panoramic we took in September 2019 from the slopes of Cerro Dorotea in Puerto Natales. We were surprised by the interest it caused and all the comments and contributions we received from the local community, lovers of mountains, history and heritage. Adding all these contributions and interesting discussions about the geographical names of the area, we have compiled this new version of the panorama, with more details that rescue the rich heritage of this extraordinary region.

If you want to know more about the Cordillera de Sarmiento, one of the jewels that surround this magical Australian city, visit our publications and our map UNCHARTED: Cordillera de Sarmiento.

Agradecemos en particular a Francisco Busolich, Daniel Darrigrandi y Guillermo Meza Mancilla por sus colaboraciones en esta compilación.

We also share this photograph with a close-up to the three highest peaks of the Cordillera de Sarmiento. From left to right: Cerro Alas de Ángel (1,767 m), Cerro Trono (1,879 m) and La Dama Blanca (1,941 m). The first two were climbed for the first time in 2012 by the Uncharted team. To read about this expedition visit our publications.

To know more about the location of these mountains, their climbing routes and ascents, visit our map UNCHARTED: Cordillera de Sarmiento.

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