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A quest to explore and rescue the historical heritage of remote mountainous regions.

What DO we do?


1. Find and study old maps, books, logs, and reports.

2. Contact explorers or their families if deceased.

3. Find out the location of climbed summits, names, and routes.


1. Expeditions to know the areas and explore new terrain.

2. Make significant first ascents and new routes.

3. Interview local people about names and previous explorations.


1. Keep real-time blogs during our expeditions to engage followers. 

2. Share our expeditions in magazines, websites and journals.

3. Produce high-quality maps rescuing geographical names and routes.

4. Share information about significant first ascents yet to be done.



You can see our maps in full resolution by zooming in the window that is offered next to each description, you can also open it in full-screen by clicking the magnifying glass. If needed, you can download a digital copy after making a donation to UNCHARTED so that we can continue to explore the most remote mountains and share them with you.

We only ask you not to redistribute the map, as it is essential for the project to know how many people, who and why are interested in the map. In addition, all those who have received the map will receive updated maps every time we significantly improve or correct it. Support our project: don't redistribute it.

It is important to note that the project seeks to rescue the exploration heritage of Patagonia, so the maps compile the routes of the main explorations in each area and the original names of the geographical features as coined by the first explorers. Therefore, it is not guided by the official names, although it does compile all the geographical names on the official cartography, as long as these do not conflict with those coined by the first explorers. The routes do not pretend to be "trekking guides", instead, they rescue the itineraries followed by the first explorers.

Cordillera de Sarmiento

This is the first map that we developed in UNCHARTED, capturing the unknown and fascinating Cordillera de Sarmiento. Just 60 km west of Puerto Natales, this mountain range offers extraordinary mountain challenges, among which are numerous unclimbed peaks.
This map lists all the routes and toponyms we have managed to collect for the area, including those coined by the explorers of these storm-battered mountains. Explorers who continue to challenge its rock and ice towers from the 1970s to date.


Northern Patagonian Icefield

It is a huge icy expanse that stretches 100 km north-south and is surrounded by rugged mountains. It is a region that exerts an irresistible attraction on mountaineers on all fronts since it hosts both vertical granite walls, as well as dream slopes for skiing, ice walls and also the highest summit in Patagonia: Mount San Valentin with 4,032 m. In the shadow of this colossus hides endless and beautiful realm of anonymous mountains.


Cordillera Darwin

This mountain range stretches 150 km from west to east and is located in Tierra del Fuego between the Almirantazgo fjord and the Beagle Channel. It is a completely uninhabited region, the closest cities are Ushuaia (Argentina, 50 km) and Punta Arenas (Chile, 140 km). It is presented as a disjointed sequence of abrupt mountain ranges, fragmented by countless fjords and gigantic glaciers that meander from the summits to the sea. It is full of extraordinary mountain challenges and pristine peaks of all difficulty levels.

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Santa Inés Island

Hoste Island

Muñoz Gamero Peninsula

Base (Sentinel-2 28 Marzo 2017)_preview.


Falso Ilse


Reclus volcano


Cordillera de Sarmiento


Mount Sarmiento


Aysén range


Aguilera volcano


Mount Malaspina


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SPI - 2020





UNCHARTED is a project that seeks to explore and rescue the historical heritage of Patagonian and Antarctic mountaineering through the creation of maps, explorations and historical research in regions chosen for their null or deficient existing cartography and for being places of great interest for lovers of the mountain, forgotten places that have been populated with names after the footsteps of the mountaineers who have forged dreams and hardships for decades between their snowy peaks, their impenetrable forests, their peat bogs and their intricate fjords, always fighting to the beat of the relentless climate of the Patagonia and Antarctica.

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