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Digital Map UNCHARTED:
Cordillera de Sarmiento v1.6

The latest version of our UNCHARTED map of the Cordillera de Sarmiento, including all the place names coined in the area and the routes of the main explorations.

If you are interested in this map, you have several options:

1.- Browse the map for free (zoom in on the map or press the magnifying glass to see it in full screen).


2.- Acquire a digital copy in JPG format with a resolution optimized for display on screens.

Format: JPG

Size: 2884x6197 pixels

3.- Acquire the georeferenced map through the AVENZA application. With this app, you will be able to navigate on the map when you are in the field.

Format: Avenza Map

4.- Acquire a high-quality printed copy on exquisite photographic paper.

Size: 74x159cm
Substrate: 260 g/m² matte photo paper

Change Log

Changes version 1.5 to 1.6
- The place name “Pta. Grace” corresponds to “Pta. Graco”



Changes version 1.0 to 1.5




- Added the mount Tigreli.

- The nautical names: Caleta Balaena, Caleta Pelagic, Caleta Mist, Estuary Kuven, Caleta Flaneur, Caleta Stokes, Bahía Enéz and Caleta Jaime.

- Added the name of Mounts Rayos y Truenos.

- Added the name of the Cerro Cuatro Agujas.

- Added the Mounts Satya and Gallie.

- The route to the Satya hill from the Taraba fjord was added.

- Map legend updated.

- Magnetic declination updated.

- Updated the map gap including the limits of other maps of the UNCHARTED project.


- Added the Kiara glacier.

- Added the missing tag to the route to Cerro Caprichoso.

- Added the Trueno lagoon.

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