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Documentary of the first ascent of Mount Arenales in 1958

The high peaks have always exerted an irresistible attraction to mountaineers. After the conquest of Monte San Valentín - the highest peak in Patagonia - in 1952. A joint expedition for scientific and exploration purposes between Japan and Chile set its sight on the imposing Monte Arenales, which with its 3,365 m dominates the Northern Patagonian Icefield. This was a remarkable expedition, which, in 1958, made its way through extraordinarily complex terrain, making scientific observations and achieving the first ascent of Monte Arenales, which at that time was suspected to be a volcano. Ahead of its time, this expedition left an extraordinary documentary that shows an interesting vision of Chile in the decade of the 50' as seen through foreign eyes. The Kobe University Alpine Club (ACKU) generously provided this material to the UNCHARTED project, and given the extraordinary value of these records our project funded and coordinated the creation of subtitles in English and Spanish.

We invite you to enjoy this valuable historical record. For the first time available on the internet and for the first time with subtitles.

The expedition was led by Kaoru Tanaka and its members included Chileans Germán Mills, Eduardo García, Alvaro Yañez, Kurt Claussen, Waldo Iturriaga, Claudio Lucero, Gastón Muga, and Carlos Píderit. And the Japanese Masataka Takagi, Minoru Takaya, Masayuki Mori, Akira Morita, Seizo Maeda, Takayoshi Yoda, Sho Tanaka, and Masakazu Emanji.

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