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Lady Jane!!!

In 1962, the British explorer Eric Shipton named one of the main summits of Cordillera de Darwin in Tierra del Fuego (Patagonia) as "Mount Lady Jane". After talking to a member of the expedition, it turned out that the name came from a limerick on which Lady Jane was a prostitute.

The story is funny because one of the expedition members had a "pee bottle" he used to pee inside the tent. But when they were storm bound due to the ferocious Patagonian weather, all four expedition members ended up sharing the same "pee bottle" that, due to its promiscuity was then nicknamed "Lady Jane". The "pee bottle" turned out to be an important asset of the expedition, offering excellent services, therefore they decided to name a mountain after "her".

Also consider that the recollections of the expedition member we interviewed might not be very precise after 56 years. Maybe Lady Jane wasn't exactly a prostitute, but a character that would make sense in the context described above.

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