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Collapse at the Reclus Volcano

Asleep to the lullaby of routine, we find it hard to appreciate that our daily life passes within a frame of a film full of cataclysms. Pests and pandemics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteorites seem alien to us. They are all things that happened and will happen again. Maybe this is a good time to make a mea culpa of our shortsightedness.

This is a comparison of photographs we took during two Santiago - Punta Arenas flights, shows the massive collapse on the slopes of Reclus Volcano, a sleeping giant that has been responsible for some of the largest eruptions Patagonia has ever seen. Just a few thousand years ago... a blink in geological time.

The Reclus volcano received its first ascent in 2008 from the UNCHARTED team. This volcano is located 28 km West of Torres del Paine, 115 km southwest of the city of El Calafate and 116 km Northwest of Puerto Natales.

Did you know the volcano?

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