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Latest version of our UNCHARTED map of the Darwin Range, including all the place names coined in the area and the routes of the main explorations. Once the payment has been made, you can download the map in JPG format.

USD$49.99 - Digital Map UNCHARTED: Cordillera Darwin v1.0

  • Format: JPG

    Size: 8137x4977 píxeles

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    Changes version 0.98 to 1.00



    - Added the routes of the first ascents made by Ibai Rico and Jon Inoriza to the main summit of Monte Roncagli and Cerro Sara.

    - The route of the first ascent to Cerro Muela (or K'ar-ch'óown-haw) made by Cristian Donoso and Harry Brito in February 2022 was added.

    - The route of the first ascent made by David Valdés, Tomás Torres and Pablo Besser on November 11, 2021 was added to the “Co. Pala Kenkeshen” which corresponds to the main summit of the Cerro Svea massif (or Pala-hash-xosh Kwash). Based on the GPS data of this first ascent, the altitude of said summit was updated to 1444m.

    - Added the route of the first ascent and the place name "Cerro Catalán" (or Ak'ew 'Arwnot'o) named by David Valdés, Tomás Torres and Pablo Besser on November 13, 2021.

    - The route and summit of Cerro Fuga was added. Promoted by Cristian Donoso, Mario Sepúlveda and Javier Pérez in July 2011.

    - The route carried out by Cristian Donoso and Paula Lopez in February 2020 through the mountain range between the La Paciencia valley and the Almirantazgo Fjord (northern sector of the Inju-Gooiyin range) was added.

    - The place names of 18 hills and 9 lakes and lagoons were added as part of the initiative to create new Selk'nam place names led by Sergio Baeriswyl and the Covadonga Ona Indigenous Community. Although the idea was to name unnamed geographical features, unfortunately several of the new place names were assigned to hills and lagoons that already had well-established names. In some cases, depending on the origin of the oldest name, this name was left as the main or secondary name. The place names correspond to the hills Xalpen Kosh (1256 m), Hòrr-ksmeten (1255 m), Tawkesh 'arwnot'o (945 m), K'al -harwen (o Castillo) (1164 m), Koshepay'arwnot'o (934 m), Catalán (or Ak'ew 'Arwnot'o) (1262 m), Chenòwke (or Verde) (1009 m), Pala Kenkeshen (1447 m), Co. K'teto (1043 m), Svea ( or Pala-hash-xosh Kwash) (~1372 m), Tanka-torr-hatenk (906 m), Sekrèyot (890 m), Yáar-kawe-hwen (1107 m), Elankáy-Yènk (930 m), Kso' ol Tarn (1440 m), Covadonga Ona (or Diamante) (1283 m), Muela (or K'ar-ch'óown-haw) (1425 m) and Ch'askels (1051 m). The lagoons Eklèyol, Chaer Ch'óown, Marqot-qàr Tel, Hesmetesh Ch'óown, Yokeche'n Harw, Shetrr Tol and Encantada (or Toluk'en Aska). And the lakes Mamká and Hoseke'n Harw.

    - The Maa Kipa hill toponym was added and the route followed by the "Alakush" expedition that named it and made its first ascent. The expedition was made up of August Uribe, Oscar Uribe, Jeff Buckley, Marine Israel and Sebastian Beltrame.

    - The route of the first ascent of Cerro Diamante made by Marcelo Noria, Carlos Rebolledo, Patrick Monrose and Ernesto Teneb on June 28, 2021 was added.

    - The place names of the Sederholm and Eskola mountains around Plüchow Bay (named after Vaino Auer, Exploration of Tierra del Fuego pp.197) were added.

    - The route of Alberto De Agostini to the Black Horn was added, carried out on January 17, 1914 (Thirty years in Tierra del Fuego pp.75).

    - The Alberto De Agostini route was added to Co. Guanaco (1914).

    - Added the routes of the French expedition composed of Laurent Bibolet, Antoine Cayrol, Emmanuel Chance, Merhal Desay, Gaylord Dugué, Julien Ravanello and David Vigouroux in 2019.


    - The place name Inju-Gooiyin was added to the cord that separates the desired lake from the Kami.

    - Added summit ascent data c.1102 in the Monte Sarmiento massif made by Ralf Gantzhorn, Fritz Miller and Axel Voss in March-April 2016.


    - Updated the altitude of Mount Roncagli to 2237m based on precision equipment measurement made during the first ascent.

    - The place name Cerro Diamante, which was to the north of the Paciencia valley, was eliminated, since (the real one is the one in the south)

    - Fixed the limit of the protected marine area Admiralty.

    - The position of the Cuerno Negro place name (initially mislocated due to an error on the Ice Sphinxes map, between pp.116 and 117) has been corrected.

    - The Co. Schiaparelli place name was relocated (from elevation 1157 to 1330).

    - The positions of the Guanaco and Belvedere hills were corrected.


    - On the route of the first ascent to Cerro Iorana, the participation of Andy Parkin was added.

    - The UTM zone indicated in the map legend was corrected, it said zone 18 and it is zone 19.

    - Fixed a typo in the acknowledgments in the name of Greg Landreth.

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