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Latest version of our UNCHARTED map of Northern Patagonian Icefield, including all the place names coined in the area and the routes of the main explorations. Once the payment has been made, you can download the map in JPG format.

USD$38.99- Digital Map UNCHARTED: Campo de Hielo Norte v. 1.0

  • Format: JPG

    Size: 5315x7977 píxeles

  • ********
    Changes version 0.30 to 1.00
    - Altitude labels (elevations) were added to the contour lines.
    - Added altitude (elevation) positions and labels to all summits with a prominence equal to or greater than 200 m.
    - The route of the first ascent to Cerro Nora, made by Nadine Lehner and Isidora Llarena in 2021, was added.
    - The route of the first ascent to Cerro Puño Oeste made by Ben Wilcox, Ben Barron and David Carel in January 2019 was added.
    - Added the new route to Cerro Hyades made by Sebastian Jans Minder and Javier Moraga Zambrano in September 2019.
    - The route carried out by Cristian Donoso, Juan Pablo Ortega and Ana Bartley that connects the Presidente Ríos Lake in the Taitao Peninsula with the Mañihuales River in 2008 was added.
    - The place name "Cerro Iglú" was added, which thanks to Christian Oberli we know is the one that is erroneously reported as "Iglar" in the AAJ report of the journey he made together with C. Buracchio, C. Seebach and N Seebach .
    - Added the epic route down Desperado Pass made by Andrzej Smialy and Tomasz Schramm in 1999. Also corrected grammar, as the name is “Desperado” not “Desperado”.
    - The route of the first ascent to Cerro Gran Chileno, made by Andrea Carretta and Nicolas Rojas in 2018, was added.
    - The route of the first ascent to Cerro Puño made by Armando Montero and Juan Ruiz on December 2, 2014 was added.
    - The refuge of the General Directorate of Waters "Estación Glaciológica Glaciar San Rafael" was added
    - Added the layout of the footprint that crosses the Keyhole Pass to access the upper area of the Nef Glacier based on the route followed by Ben Wilcox to De Geer Hill in 2019.
    - The place name “Paso Rata” was added, which is the entrance pass to the frontal lake of the Erasmo glacier from the Sorpresa River. This step was used and named by Besser, Bustos and Torres in 2017.
    - The place name Punta Roco was added to the small rock summit climbed by the brothers Juan and Bruno Falco in 2019 in the Cerro Cachet area.
    - I know four place names in the Exploradores river valley: El Cóndor and La Nutria waterfalls and the Silvestre and Del 40 lagoons.
    - The place name Laguna Steffen was added to the front lagoon of the Steffen Glacier and in the same area the place name Arrollo Quince was added next to the CONAF Nursery.
    - The position of Don Héctor's house was added inside Valle Soler in Camp 2 of the Aysén Glacial Trail (AGT).
    - The layout of Cristian Donoso's route through the Ofqui Isthmus in 2007 was corrected according to Cristian Donoso's own indications.
    - The designation of the route of the first ascent to Cerro Veintidosveintidos was corrected to include the participation of Nicolas Rojas in the ascent together with Andrea Carretta.
    - In the acknowledgments, typing errors were corrected in the names of Claudio Seebach, Hernan Calvis, Max Fisher, Andrea Carretta and Fabrizio Frugone.

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