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The forest takes the place of Bernal glacier

Climate change is often thought to be a threat to life, but it is not. Life on this beautiful planet has gone through challenges of colossal scale compared to what the human species has gone through. Climate change is a threat to us, our way of life, and our society. The same ones that with their actions are accelerating it, painting a grayer future for us and the species and ecosystems that we will take with us in the process.

The Bernal Glacier, located in Cordillera de Sarmiento was our home for 25 days in the winter of 2012, and it is an excellent example of how life goes on through and takes advantage of the space abandoned by the glacier, transforming rocks into a garden. However, this will be a bonanza only for the most opportunistic species, breaking the balance and decreasing biodiversity. Both biodiversity and glaciers will recover in the future, it is up to us to decide whether it will be a future with or without humans.

What do you think?

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